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World Traveler



World Traveler


For the majority of my career, work has taken me to the most remote ends of the earth. Whether documentary film in Asia Pacific Islands;  outdoor TV adventures in pursuit of exotic wildlife on six of our Earth's magnificent continents; on the heaving deck of an Alaskan fishing charter; or lensing a feature film in my home state of Montana, nearly two decades of photographic adventures have fulfilled my dream of never doing the same thing day in, day out.

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Image capture technology has changed. When I first started making movies, everything was shot on 35mm or 16mm film.  Then HD came along and wooed most low budget films away from 16mm. Digital cinema cameras continued to evolve into the 4k, 6k, and even 8k sensors of today, making some people eschew 35mm film completely, while others push toward a resurgence in 65mm capture for 70mm print exhibition.   

Though my roots were firmly planted in the analog film world, I appreciate the digital technology that continues to challenge the tried and true traditions. There is no single camera or film stock that is right for every project. Every story should inspire a unique vision, and deserves to be told with the best tools and techniques to achieve that concept.

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Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae



The Gunfather (S 1&2)                Outdoor Channel

True Magnum TV (S 1&2)          Outdoor Channel

Nosler's Magnum TV* (S 3-7)      Outdoor Channel

The Zone (S 2-5)                     Sportsman Channel

Jim Zumbo Outdoors (S 4-6)     Outdoor Channel


As camera Operator

Major League Fishing                 Outdoor Channel

Bass Pro Shops 100% Real                                 VS

Fly Fishing America                                        ESPN

ESPN Fly Fishing Challenge                          ESPN

Elk Country Journal                                          OLN

STARZ! Movie News (ENG)                          STARZ!


Saving for the Day          With A Cause Productions

Bleached Bone                With A Cause Productions

Adam Funn                Impossible Clock Productions

compassion/contempt           Mountain Kid Pictures

The Mushing Mill                    Shadow Puppets Ent.

Katrina                                   T.H.Espian Productions

The Tower of Babble**     USC Peter Stark Program

Firepussy                                          O+ Productions

Ripen                                  Zane Bones Productions

The Promise                            Tempest Productions

Pickled Herring                     Nonesuch Productions



Big Sky Basketball (handheld, '18)  SWX, 11 Sports

Big Sky Football (RF Cam, '13 - '17)     ROOT Sports

Rose Bowl (Archive ENG, '02 - '04, '07) Goal Prods.

Nitro Circus; Tommy & Crum                             Web

NASCAR: The Pit (Promo)               Justifiable Films



The Christian Left (Dir/Prod)           Team Cambium

Shadow Billionaire                                    BMP Films

Maxed Out***                                       Trueworks Inc.

Fraud Under the Big Sky           Westridge Creative

Stumped!                                              Trueworks Inc.

Parents of the Year****                        Trueworks Inc.

The Great Year                                Goal Productions

Migrant Workers: California's Hidden Gold      PBS

EDUCATION: 1995-99 USC School of Cinema-Television; Production Dept.

AWARDS & HONORS:  *2011 WildTV Best Videography, Series;  **2002 Kodak Cinematography Award, Film Fest New Haven; ***2006 SXSW Film Festival, Special Jury Award; 2007 Washington Post Top 10 Films; ****2004 LA Film Festival, Audience Choice Best Short Film.

SKILLS & INTERESTS: PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced Alpine Skier, Horseback Rider, Marathon Runner, Carpenter, Husband & Father.